A Complete Comprehensive Guide Weight Lifting

It’s been said that if a person doesn’t have their health, then they don’t have anything. At 47, I’m at the age where people seem to get sick and die. Heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, etc. I’m very aware of this and I have tried over the years to stay in shape the best I can but actually I don’t think I’ve done my best. Endovex I know I can do better and more importantly I have to do better. I have so much that I want to accomplish.

I think the key to living a great quality of life begins with optimal physical fitness.

About 3 months ago I decided, after a brief run in with heavy weight lifting (that ended with a hurt back) to devote most of my fitness routine to running and after a lot of spotty and inconsistent attempts to stick to a regular schedule I decided about 6 weeks ago to enter a half marathon which will take place towards the end of April.

Since I put myself on the hook by entering this race as well as telling all of my family and friends of my plans, I have been sticking to my running much better as I follow a 12 week training plan that I developed.

Its still a work in progress and I have had my share of distractions but after 5 weeks of training I’m actually been sticking with it. I’m also beginning to notice that my conditioning is improving. I actually completed a long run yesterday of 6 miles. Yeah I know I still have a long way to go but just 5 weeks ago it hurt just to attempt a mile.

The more I run the more psyched I’m becoming. I’ve actually gotten to the point where I consider myself a runner. I’ve purchased the gear, the shoes and the books and magazines on running. I also use Endovex for boost my stamina in some manner.

There are a lot of physical benefits for sure, but it seems that mental benefits are beginning to emerge. I’m feeling more focused, more confident, and more motivated among other benefits. Running is assisting me in taking a break from many of the worries and problems that I have and enables me to have some quality me time.

So far most of my running has been on an indoor track with my long run days, which are on Sundays, taking place outside. Once the Spring gets here and I’m able to run outside all of the time it will be on like Donkey Kong. I can’t wait.

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